46mm (1.81) Diameter Floral Pin Frogs Kenzan Flower Holder Floral Arranger Dry Flower Holder for Japanese Ikebana Vases or Stands

46mm (1.81") Diameter Floral Pin Frogs Kenzan Flower Holder Floral Arranger Dry Flower Holder for Japanese Ikebana Vases or Stands


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The Japanese Art of Ikebana became a favorite pastime for me several years ago and as a woodworker I enjoyed making Ikebana Vases and /or Ikebana Stands. Being fortunate enough to live in Hawaii I have been surrounded by beautiful wood and between the two loves I started making these Ikebana Vases.

You get your choice of 46MM (1.81") Kenzan (Pin Frogs) in Packs of One to Twelve

Kenzan or Floral Pin Frogs used to be found all over peoples homes in Hawaii when I was growing up but today cost of the metals has driven people in the floral trade to go to Floral putty for most flower arrangements. Today there is a great interest in Japanese Ikebana and with that interest has come the need once again for the Kenzan or Floral Pin Frogs. I am offering several different sizes here in case quantities for those who might be interested.

This sale is for 46mm or 1.81" Diameter Kenzan . These Kenzan have a lead zinc base and have Stainless Steel Pins. These are a medium sized kenzan being 1.81" in diameter but are good for larger arrangements as they are heavier and can be grouped. This Kenzan weighs 120 grams (4.2 oz.) each vs. 72 grams (2.54 oz.) for the 40mm Kenzan (next smaller size). It also stands about 5/8" tall from base bottom to top of the Pins.

These Kenzan can be cemented in flower arrangement containers with the use of a little silicone adhesive. Another major use of these Pin Frogs is in the pottery trade where flower arranging cups and containers are now being made to hold water and flowers. ( See my other Sales).

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Feel free to ask any and all questions you have about the product or woodworking in general.

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I will however ship to friends or relatives of customers who are located in the USA and then they can make shipping arrangements to the customers location overseas.

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AMAZING customer service! Will order from again!

This is a base I bought to place at the bottom of an Ikebana vase. The item is useful, matched the description provided and met my expectations. I recommend this vendor to Etsy’s buyers.

Arrived quickly. Packed efficiently. Thank you!

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