TWO Anodized Aluminum 4.9" Curved 3 Prong Hair Fork Pick Comb Pin Pic Stick Unbreakable Waterproof FPL 4" Aqua Black Brown Green Red Silver


Shipping to United States: $4.25

NOTE : AS of today May 14, 2023 we no longer have the Aqua 3 prong Aluminum Hair fork in the Semi-Gloss finish. We do still have the Aqua 3 prong hair fork in the Aqua Matte finish...see the below link for this listing !

This Listing is for TWO Anodized Aluminum 4.9" Curved 3 Prong Hair Fork in the color of your choice...Aqua, Black, Brown, Green, Red, and Silver

Tired of your wooden Hair Sticks and Hair Forks breaking ? This is the end of that problem !

This sale is for TWO Anodized Aluminum 4.9 inch Curved Three Prong Hair Fork. Each has a Rhinestone added to them to add a little sparkle. They are 4.9 inches long and a about 1 3/8 inch wide and 1/8 of an inch thick. This Hair Fork is curved to fit the contour of your head.

The Functional Prong Length (FPL) is about 4" for this Aluminum 3-Prong Hair Fork and varies within 1/4" from piece to piece. The space between the two prongs is about 3/8".

You get TWO Anodized Aluminum 4.9 Inch Curved Hair Fork in this sale ! Your choice of Aqua, Black, Brown, Green, Red, and Silver

These Anodized Aluminum Hair Forks are very strong and will not break no matter what kind of hair you have. I should caution you that these are not toys and can be dangerous if your children get their hands on these Aluminum Forks. Common sense has to be used with these strong forks and you can get injured if you fall on the tips of these forks while running or exercising. The difference between these and wooden forks is that the wooden forks would probably break but the Aluminum will puncture your skin.

In order to Anodize the Hair Forks a 3mm hole is drilled in the top part of the Hair Fork that I have covered with a 10mm Rhinestone to add some sparkle. If you do not like the Rhinestone it can be removed from the back as the hole goes through the entire Hair Fork. If you would rather add your own "Sparkle" I do have these without the Rhinestones so "Message" me and we can work out what you might want.

My usual instructions for Wooden Hair Stick and Hair Fork use is : "The use of Wooden Hair Sticks or Wooden Hair Forks as "levers" is not a good idea as most Hair Sticks are decorative and they will break under excess stress" Well, you can forget that with these Aluminum Hair Forks......pry away at your Hair...but be careful of your head....

Not only are they Unbreakable but they are also Waterproof !!

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If you find any of my Hair Forks not to your liking I will take them back.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you ship outside of the USA ?

I will consider and have shipped to other Countries but only after we agree on prices and shipping. This must be done through the Convo system here on Etsy and is not available for all items due to the weight and shipping restrictions on some of my items.

I will however ship to friends or relatives of customers who are located in the USA and then they can make shipping arrangements to the customers location overseas.

This seller is awesome. He added in an extra hair fork in just the color I wanted. Plus I got an aluminum hair stick and he gave me another in the same color as the added fork. These are the best hair sticks and forks on the market. They are pretty and slide in easy without pulling your hair.

I just love these hair forks! I have wavy thick hair down to my elbows, and these hold my hair up all day long. There is a learning curve...I had to search for ways to use these. They are very lightweight and won't snap off like wooden ones. I do wish they would've come with some instructions on how to use them...or web site information to that effect. Would definitely purchase again!

My go-to hair forks. These are my second purchase from this shop. Very reliable, durable, and holds my hair in place. I use my 2 prong for half bun and 3 prong for a full bun. Love them!

Practical and beautiful!! I already have one of these, but I love it so much I wanted to have a spare to keep in my purse so I'll never be without if I want to through my hair up on the go. It's so easy to use, and feels super secure in my hair. I wear it to work at the hospital, and it's secure enough to wear to the gym. Literally anywhere!