ONE 6 Anodized Aluminum Spiral Hair Stick Shawl Pin Pic Unbreakable Waterproof Semi Gloss Aqua, Black, Brown, Green, Red and Silver

ONE 6" Anodized Aluminum Spiral Hair Stick Shawl Pin Pic Unbreakable Waterproof Semi Gloss Aqua, Black, Brown, Green, Red and Silver


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Your Choice of ONE 6" Anodized Aluminum Hair Stick with Clear Rhinestone Aqua, Black, Brown, Green, Red, and Silver

Today, October 9, 2015, I am introducing my reworked Aluminum Spiral Hair Stick with a Clear Rhinestone inserted in one side of the top of the Hair Stick. This Rhinestone covers one side of the hole necessary to Anodize the Color onto the Aluminum Sticks and add a little "Bling" to the Hair Sticks.

Tired of your wooden Hair Sticks breaking ? This is the end of that problem. The biggest "complaint" or negative comment about Wooden Hair Sticks are that they break. Of course we all know you are not supposed to use hair Sticks as "levers"....but we do anyway. These Aluminum Hair Sticks I have just designed are the same style and size as all of my wooden Spiral Hair Sticks. After making them out of Rosewood, Ebony, Yellow Teak, and Regular Teak I have decided to take this proven design and make the toughest Spiral Hair Stick ...An Anodized Colored Aluminum Spiral Hair Stick.

These Aluminum Hair Sticks are 6 1/4" inches long and undulates from 1/2" at the top down to a point. They are a little over 1/8" thick of solid aluminum that has an Anodized Color of either Red, Black, Aqua Blue, Silver, Dark Green or Brown. THESE STICKS ARE STRONG !! They will not break no matter what kind of hair you have. In fact they have been called weapons by some of my colleagues . At this point I should caution you that these are not toys and can be dangerous if your children get their hands on the aluminum sticks. Common sense has to be used with these strong sticks and you can get injured if you fall on the tips of these sticks while running or exercising. The difference between these and wooden sticks is that the wooden stick would probably break but the Aluminum stick will puncture your skin.

This Aluminum Spiral Hair Stick is without doubt the strongest Hair Stick I have and probably as strong as any Hair Stick you will find on the market.

My usual instructions for Hair Stick use is : "The use of Hair Sticks as "levers" is not a good idea as most Hair Sticks are decorative and they will break under excess stress" Well, you can forget that with this Aluminum Stick......pry away at your Hair...but be careful of your head....

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NOTE: If you do not want the Rhinestone attached you can order one with out the stones but remember there is a recessed area of 10.5 MM in diameter and about 1/16" deep on one side of the Hair Stick that should be covered with something.

If you find any of my sticks not to your liking I will take them back.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you ship outside of the USA ?

I will consider and have shipped to other Countries but only after we agree on prices and shipping. This must be done through the Convo system here on Etsy and is not available for all items due to the weight and shipping restrictions on some of my items.

I will however ship to friends or relatives of customers who are located in the USA and then they can make shipping arrangements to the customers location overseas.

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Still the best hair sticks I have ever found. Shipping was so fast, and the sticks themselves are beautiful and very well made. I will order more in the future.

These are the best hair sticks I have ever found. They're so comfortable in my heavy, knee-length hair. I'm always wearing a bun, so having multiple options is wonderful. The colors are vibrant, so they show up great on dark hair. I will definitely be ordering again!

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