SE Asia Ebony, Ash, or Narra 5 1/2 " or 6 1/2" Long Shawl Pin Spiral Hair Stick Pin Pic Black w/ Brown Grain 1/4" Thick 5/8" Widest Pt


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As of August 16, 2022 I have added some 6 !/2" Long Ash and Narra Shawl Pins/Hair Sticks to this listing and I have removed the 5 1/2" Ash from the listing as I have run out of the Ash wood in this length. Now you have your choice of either the 5 1/2" size or the 6 1/2" size for the same price. All of these wood types are very strong and will last a long time. The longer ( 6 1/2" ) will make nice hair sticks. Feel free to contact me with questions....

This 5 1/2 Inch SE Asian Ebony Spiral Hair Stick is a Heavy Duty hair stick I have added to my line for the customer with Thick Hair that needs a super strong Hair Fork with great holding power. . It is 5/8 " wide; 5 1/2" long and 1/4" thick. I have these in ASH Wood and NARRA Wood also

These are the shortest Hair Sticks / Shawl Pins I make.
The Pictures show four pictures of the Ebony and Three pictures of the Ash and Narra.

This Hair Stick is Stronger and the wood is much harder then my regular Indian Ebony Hair Stick.

This Southeast Asian Ebony (Diospyros Sp) is very heavy and is thought to be a sub-species of Macassar Ebony as the wood is found from Indonesia to India and known by different names throughout the area. There are something like 450 Ebony species know in the world but only a few grow to any size to make commercial lumber out of. For more info see
This Hair Stick is Stronger and the wood is much harder then my regular Indian Ebony Hair Stick.

These Hair Sticks are being made out of SE Asian Ebony as well as Ash and Narra and are finished with a lacquer coating and rubbed out to a semi-gloss finish and waxed with Johnson Paste wax.

The listing is for only one Hair Stick.

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If you find any of my Hair Sticks not to your liking I will take them back.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


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Absolutely stunning quality! If you would believe it, they are ever so much more beautiful in person than they are depicted online...the artist is very skilled at having the vision and craftsmanship to create a piece of wearable art such as this! The size is exactly what I was looking for - not too long not too short... Also the artist is very kind and generous with his gift as well. The ebony wood hair pin is darker and ever so slightly denser than the Nara wood. The Nara has a more apparent wood grain than the ebony and feels so light, test sturdy. I think the Ebony is my favorite but they are both ever so elegant and precious to me. I will post the photos soon...Thank you again!

The hair stick is absolutely gorgeous and works perfectly with my vintage barrette. Thank you for the extra gift.

I have an unreasonably large collection of hair sticks from this shop and these little ones are some of my favorites. They never catch in my hair and are so darn cute & versatile! I have two in here with double Spock buns 🖖🏻

Very excellent quality, beautiful hair stick! The shipping was amazingly fast. Thank you so much for the extra gift! Wonderful seller!