Black Anodized Aluminum Three Prong Hair Fork 4.9" Curved Unbreakable Waterproof FPL of 4" with Dakota Stones Blue Goldstone Pin Pic Comb


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Note: I have added a dozen more of these Blue Gold Stone Hair forks due to the response from my customers as to how much they like the subtle look of the Black Aluminum Hair Fork with the Blue Gold Stone mounted on it. I am not in the jewelry business and just pass the extra cost of the better stone on to my customers. I also sell these hair forks to customers without stones attached so that they can place their own 10mm stones in the recessed area. See Custom Order Link to send convo.


I have made 6 SPECIAL 4.9 inch Black Curved Aluminum 3-prong hair forks with a Dakota Stones Blue Goldstone. I feel the colors blend so as not to have a stark contrast. Rather giving it a subtle elegance.

You get ONE Black Colored Anodized Aluminum 4.9 Inch Curved 3-Prong Hair Fork With Dakota Blue Gold Stone Mounted in this sale !

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Tired of your wooden Hair Sticks and Hair Forks breaking ? This is the end of that problem !

This sale is for One Black Colored Anodized Aluminum 4.9 inch Curved Three Prong Hair Fork. Each has a Rhinestone added to them to add a little sparkle. They are 4.9 inches long and a about 1 3/8 inch wide and 1/8 of an inch thick. This Hair Fork is curved to fit the contour of your head.

The Functional Prong Length (FPL) is about 4" for this Aluminum 3-Prong Hair Fork and varies within 1/4" from piece to piece. The space between the two prongs is about 3/8".

These Anodized Aluminum Hair Forks are very strong and will not break no matter what kind of hair you have. I should caution you that these are not toys and can be dangerous if your children get their hands on these Aluminum Forks. Common sense has to be used with these strong forks and you can get injured if you fall on the tips of these forks while running or exercising. The difference between these and wooden forks is that the wooden forks would probably break but the Aluminum will puncture your skin.

In order to Anodize the Hair Forks a 3mm hole is drilled in the top part of the Hair Fork that I have covered with a 10mm Dakota Blue Goldstone. If you do not like the Stone it can be removed from the back as the hole goes through the entire Hair Fork. If you would rather add your own "Sparkle" I do have these without the Rhinestones so "Convo" me and we can work out what you might want.

My usual instructions for Wooden Hair Stick and Hair Fork use is : "The use of Wooden Hair Sticks or Wooden Hair Forks as "levers" is not a good idea as most Hair Sticks are decorative and they will break under excess stress" Well, you can forget that with these Aluminum Hair Forks......pry away at your Hair...but be careful of your head....

Not only are they Unbreakable but they are also Waterproof !!

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If you find any of my Hair Forks not to your liking I will take them back.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


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I love this hair pick. This is the only one that actually hold my hair in place without breaking. I have super thick hair (enough for 3 people) and itโ€™s very long. I am always putting my hair in a bun and all other hair picks break once I place it in through the bun. I already ordered 3 and plan on ordering more just so I have extra lol. Seriously highly suggest you buy this!!!

Awesome! I received two extra forks as well. Such a great deal. These are very lightweight and easy to use, the tines are the perfect pointiness.

I have this fork in red and went back for one in black. Love these forks.

Extremely solid, sturdy, and exceptionally made hair fork! The black truly goes with everything and the stone is very tastefully done. I was a little worried about how secure this fork would be since I have very slippery and fine hair. I needn't have worried, this fork is exceedingly gentle yet secure. It holds exceptionally well with a Celtic knot bun if anyone needs suggestions. This has become a go to tool for me due to it being waterproof, strong, secure, and gentle. And this is the first shop I've ever bought from to include an extra gift! Along with this stunning fork, the wonderful owner added an adorable little blue aluminum hair stick! Thanks again for your wonderful craftsmanship and customer service, I'm looking forward to purchasing again in the future!

This shipped really fast, is gorgeous, and I'm seriously impressed with how well it holds my hair up! ๐Ÿ˜