ONE (1) Hames Solid Brass Chromed Walking Stick Cane Handle Traditional 8 Long 3 Hole Model 2 Knob 1 1/8 Opening for Shaft

ONE (1) Hames Solid Brass Chromed Walking Stick Cane Handle Traditional 8" Long 3 Hole Model 2" Knob 1 1/8" Opening for Shaft


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The Hames Handles date back to the 1800’s when they were used as part of Horse Collar Harnesses. This “Traditional” size Hames Brass Cane Chromed Walking Stick Handle is eight (8”) inches long with a round Brass Ball Knob on the top slightly over 2” in diameter. The handle has three screw holes that are to be used to attach your wooden shaft. The handle has a tapered hole about 2 ½” long with a 1 1/8” opening to insert the handle shaft into. Some customers use long shovel handles from Hardware stores as a simple way to make a fast walking stick after a little adjustment. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

You get ONE Hames Traditional Brass Chromed Cane Handle with this Listing !!

This is a very easy Cane handle to mount on your walking stick shaft. Most walking sticks range from three feet to six feet with the most used size in the 54" range. You need to select a wooden shaft that is larger than 1 1/8" in diameter and can be made out of lumber or "sturdy" sticks you find in the woods. One of the favorites for these walking sticks is Diamond Willow but more sturdy wood like Oak, Maple and Ash are also used a lot. You will need to carve or whittle the top of your shaft down so it will fit tightly into the 1 1/8" opening on the back of the Hames Handle . After you get a nice tight fit you then can put the finish of your choice on your Walking Stick and attach the shaft to the Hames Handle with the three enclosed screws.

Then off you go into the woods !!

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Note: All of my Brass Cane Handles are covered with a protective lacquer coating to slow down the oxidation process. This covering will wear off over time or you can remove it with a little lacquer thinner or finger nail polish remover !! If you remove the Lacquer coating the handle will oxidize quicker and get a Tarnished Antique look unless you Polish the Handle. The Chromed Handle is not Lacquered because it has been Chromed. !!

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