1 Ebony Ball Gear Shift Knob Cane Walking Stick Handle 1 7/8 Diameter 2 3/4 High 3/8 x 16 Steel Threaded Rod Brass Washer Your Shaft

1 Ebony Ball Gear Shift Knob Cane Walking Stick Handle 1 7/8" Diameter 2 3/4" High 3/8" x 16 Steel Threaded Rod Brass Washer Your Shaft

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This Ebony Ball Cane Handle is 2 3/4" high and about 1 7/8" in diameter and a little over 1" in diameter where the Ebony handle will meet your cane shaft. . The handle is tapped to fit a 3/8" x 16 threaded rod (which is also provided) which can be seen in the pictures. The buyer must provide a strong shaft about 1" in diameter and be able to drill a 5/16" hole down the center of the top portion of the shaft. This 5/16" hole is then tapped with a 3/8" x 16 tap to a depth deeper then the threaded rod.

One Ebony Ball Handle and one 3 1/2" threaded rod included in this sale !
(The threaded rod can be cut to the desired length with a hacksaw.)

At this point a "dry" fit is recommended to see that all fits correctly. Any adjustments needed to fit the top of the shaft to the bottom of the cane handle should be made. When happy with the fit the parts should be taken apart and a strong epoxy applied to the threaded rod and the Ebony handle and after this is done then epoxy should be applied to the lower potion of the threaded rod and into the hole in the top of the shaft . Now you can hand screw the handle to the cane shaft and tighten . This becomes a self tightening connection due to the threading and by tightening with hand pressure you will get the strongest connection possible.

If all is done correctly this joint will not slip at all and will tighten until you can not turn the handle any more. If it slips you have probably made a mistake in tapping the hole into the top of the shaft by not drilling the 5/16" hole deep enough and then not tapping the hole deep enough. These holes CAN NOT BE too deep and drilling them too short can and will cause slipping problems. If the threaded rod hits the bottom of the hole and there is still more turns necessary to set the handle tight you will strip the threads you just made.

This process is simple and I did not mean to frighten anyone away from making a strong cane connection but you do need a few tools to do it right. A lot of guys out there are now saying oh BS I just drill a 3/8" hole and put epoxy on the threaded rod and push it into the hole....OK that will work for a while but is a half donkey job. Do it the right way and it will get easier as you make more canes for your family members and friends...they will all need them sooner or later.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me as I am happy to help if I can.

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Drilling the hole down the center of the shaft is the hardest part of this whole operation. The hole should be as straight as possible down the shaft as it will cause distortion at the connection between the cane handle and the top of the shaft. I use jig that can be purchased from Woodworker supply but I'm sure there are more out there. I have attached the link below.




NOTE: This handle is not finished and must be final sanded and finished after your cane is assembled. If you are not up to the task then don't buy this cane handle as size adjustments might be needed.

The last two pictures are of two canes I finished with the Ebony Ball Handles and Ebony Shafts to show you what you can do. (The Finished Canes are examples and are not part of this sale !!! )

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