Rosewood 4.5 Inch Handmade Wooden Curved 2-Prong Hair Fork Bun Holder Pick Pin Pic Comb Stick FPL 3.5 which fits contour of the Head

Rosewood 4.5 Inch Handmade Wooden Curved 2-Prong Hair Fork Bun Holder Pick Pin Pic Comb Stick FPL 3.5" which fits contour of the Head


Shipping to United States: $4.75

I added a few new pictures today , 10/2/2015 , to show more detail. The last picture shows the color ranges of these Rosewood Forks. Only one Rosewood Two Prong Fork is included in the sale.

This Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Sissoo) comes from managed forests that are selectively cared for and monitored. This Rosewood varies from reddish brown colors to a deeper brown with Black streaks..

The Hair Fork is 4.5 inches long and Curves to fit the contour of the head. It is about 1 inch at its widest point and has a maximum thickness of about 1/4". The Curve in the 2-Prong fork allows the use of this fork from the side as well as from the top of the head. I've been told that it is very easy to use and does a good job of holding hair for only being 4.5 inches long.

The Functional Prong Length (FPL) is 3 1/2" on this Hair Fork and varies within 1/4" from piece to piece.

This particular species of Rosewood is not as strong scented as a lot of the Rosewood family and does not secrete as much of the " Rosewood Fragrance ", which some people find irritating. It also is not as prone to irritating the skin as some Rosewoods , like Cocobolo are.

I classify this Hair Fork as more "Functional" than "Decorative" in that the intent of this Two Prong Fork is to help hold your hair together with a straight forward product with not a lot of "Bling". This is one of the workhorses in my stable.

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As a matter of caution some of the sticks will be sharper then some people like and I therefore recommend that you blunt the tip with an emery board to the degree of sharpness you want.

If you find any of my sticks not to your liking I will take them back.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you ship outside of the USA ?

I will consider and have shipped to other Countries but only after we agree on prices and shipping. This must be done through the Convo system here on Etsy and is not available for all items due to the weight and shipping restrictions on some of my items.

I will however ship to friends or relatives of customers who are located in the USA and then they can make shipping arrangements to the customers location overseas.

Another beautiful piece. This is the third hair fork I’ve ordered and I couldn’t be happier. The grain of the wood is lovely and the craftsmanship is top notch as always. I have very long very fine hair and these hair hooks are the most convenient way to keep it contained. The aluminum hair fork added as a free gift was a wonderful surprise and will likely see a great deal of use too.

The item is beautiful and arrived very quickly. The seller generously included a free aluminum fork as well. This is my second time purchasing from this seller and I'll be back!

Very comfortable (good strong curve), feels sturdy. (I appreciate the care instructions included.) Shipping was so fast that I had it for days before I even could review it. If you are in the continental USA and concerned it'll take a while to reach you, don't be.

Beautifully made fork, seems sturdy but lightweight. Shipped very fast, seller responds to messages promptly. I bought this one and an ebony one, both are wonderful. Seller was kind to throw in an extra aluminum fork which I also really love. Will be back for more!

I've ordered quite a few wooden hair sticks and hair forks from Jim over the years, all of them of excellent quality. (I need replacements not because they break but because I tend to misplace them.) They always arrive promptly and are packaged well. Jim is a really attentive and kind craftsman/seller with great customer service.

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