2 Ebony 6 Inch Handmade Decorative Curved Hair Sticks Pics Pins with Nickle Silver Pins in Shooting Star Pattern

2 Ebony 6 Inch Handmade Decorative Curved Hair Sticks Pics Pins with Nickle Silver Pins in "Shooting Star" Pattern

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This Indian Ebony (Diospyros Ebanaster) comes from managed forests that are selectively cared for and monitored. Like all Ebonies it varies from dark reddish brown colors to a deep Black.

The Hair Sticks are 6 inches long and Curves to fit the contour of the head. It is about 7/8 of an inch at its widest point and has a maximum thickness of about 1/4". The top 1 1/4" is adorned with numerous Nickle Silver Pin Inserts that take the design of a "Shooting Star". These pins are not even with the Ebony wood and stick up about 1mm from the Ebony. This might be of concern for some as the pins will "grab' your hair if you are not careful. The last picture shows how the Nickle Silver Pins stick out from the Ebony on another style I have listed also.

I classify this Hair Stick as "Decorative" in that the intention of the design is to show off the elaborate Metal Work and the design portion of Nickle Silver Pins is not intended to be embedded in your Hair. As mentioned above these Pins can and will snag your Hair if caution is not used.

I consider this Ebony stick to be more decorative with medium to lighter holding power. The use of Hair Sticks as "levers" is not a good idea as most Hair Sticks are decorative and they will break under excess stress. This stick is NOT made to be able to withstand more then normal torture that my Ebony conical Hair Stick can handle..

SPECIAL NOTE: All of my Hair Sticks with Nickle Silver Pin Inserts have Pins that stick up from the Ebony or Rosewood about 1mm. There is a very good chance that these pins can and probably will get caught in your Hair from time to time and extreme care should be taken to avoid the consequences. If you think this might be a problem with your particular Hair then I suggest you avoid the purchase. If you do try them and find that they do bother you too much I will gladly take them back. Please remember these are Decorative and are intended not to be buried in your Hair.


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As a matter of caution some of the sticks will be sharper then some people like and I therefore recommend that you blunt the tip with an emery board to the degree of sharpness you want.

If you find any of my sticks not to your liking I will take them back.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you ship outside of the USA ?

I will consider and have shipped to other Countries but only after we agree on prices and shipping. This must be done through the Convo system here on Etsy and is not available for all items due to the weight and shipping restrictions on some of my items.

I will however ship to friends or relatives of customers who are located in the USA and then they can make shipping arrangements to the customers location overseas.

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Really beautiful sticks - dynamic!

Artistic pattern! Fell in love with these from the moment I opened the box. I have been told about other places that I can purchase hair sticks but I will only buy from this shop. Unique items that are made with so much pride and it shows when you see your items upon speedy arrival!

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