Small Rosewood Memorial Cremation Urn...Constant Supply On Hand 4.5 x 3 x 3

Small Rosewood Memorial Cremation Urn...Constant Supply On Hand 4.5" x 3" x 3"


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This Small Cremation Urn is made out of True Rosewood ( Dalbergia Sissoo) that is grown in managed forests to manage the resource. The wood is very hard compared with Koa and almost twice as heavy. The strength of Rosewood is one of its major characteristics as the wood is used throughout the world where strength is desired, like furniture and cane shafts. With out a doubt the wood has all the appearance of strength and nobility.

The Small Rosewood Urn for sale here is approximately Four 1/2 (4.5) inches wide by Three (3) inches deep by Three (3) inches high. Though it is about the same size as my Small Koa Urn it weighs about twice as much. The Urn is covered with a precatalyzed semi-gloss lacquer finish.

The last four pictures show the bottom covered with a Brown Felt an/or the inside of the Small Rosewood or Keepsake Urns.

Ask any specific questions you have about this particular Urn and if you want any more pictures of certain parts of the Urn.

I make these all the time when I have the available wood.

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The Urn can be laser engraved directly into the wood or a brass plate can be mounted on one side. NOTE: I am not set up to do engraving myself as I don't have the equipment but if you are in Honolulu I can advise you where you can get the engraving done.

Ships by US Priority Mail to all States.

Feel free to ask any questions that you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you ship outside of the USA ?

I will consider and have shipped to other Countries but only after we agree on prices and shipping. This must be done through the Convo system here on Etsy and is not available for all items due to the weight and shipping restrictions on some of my items.

I will however ship to friends or relatives of customers who are located in the USA and then they can make shipping arrangements to the customers location overseas.

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